Dog Licensing

It has been a State Law since 1919 and Branch County Ordinance (#7 Section 8.1) that ALL dogs have to be licensed within 30 days of turning 4 months old or within 30 days of acquiring a new dog.
Licenses can be purchased at the Treasurer’s Office inside the Branch County Courthouse in Coldwater. The Treasurer’s Office is open Monday thru Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm.

A current rabies certificate is needed to purchase a dog license. Licenses go on sale every year on December 1st and can be purchased without penalty through March 1st. However, at the Dog Warden’s discretion, you could be ticketed for an unlicensed dog once the license expires on December 31st.

Dog License Costs

1-Year Licenses
Senior Citizen (55 or older) Altered $8.00
Altered $10.00
Unaltered $20.00
3-Year Licenses*
Senior Citizen (55 or older) Altered $24.00
Altered $30.00
Unaltered $60.00
Delinquent Penalty (after March 1st)
In addition to license fee
Tag Replacement Fee $1.00

*To be eligible to purchase a 3-Year License, your dog’s current rabies certificate MUST expire in the same year (or after) the dog license would expire

  • No Charge for Certified Service Dog or Law Enforcement Dog (must have a current license as there are No Exemptions in the law for any dogs)
  • On July 1st, licenses are 1/2 price for newly acquired dogs

In some cases, checks of the owner’s home will be carried out to ensure the property is suitable for the dog to live in. The dog will need obvious access to food and water and any health risks must be removed before a license is given.



Monday – Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm*
* Courthouse doors close daily at 4:50pm



Branch County Treasurer
31 Division St.
Coldwater, MI 49036

Steven Rutz

Kelli Talbot
Chief Deputy Treasurer

Mandy Kuliczkowski
Deputy Treasurer

Kalie Beemer
Deputy Treasurer

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