Jury Information

  • Apportionment Committee Meeting


    Pursuant to Act No. 267, Michigan Public Acts of 1976, notice is hereby given, that the:

    Branch County Apportionment Commission

    Courthouse, 31 Division Street, Coldwater, MI, 49036

    Phone: 517-279-4306

    has scheduled the following meetings to be held in the

    Annex Conference Room, 23 E. Pearl Street, Coldwater, MI.


    Thursday, August 12, 2021 at 9:00 am


    Any amendments, additions or cancellations to the meeting dates will be posted at the Branch County Courthouse, by the County Clerk,

    as directed by the Open Meetings Act.


    Teresa Kubasiak

    Branch County Clerk

  • Juror Information

    Jurors Assigned to serve beginning July 6th – October 1st

    There are no trials scheduled for the week of August 2nd.  Jurors do not need to report.  You are required to check here or call in next Friday, August 6th after 5pm for trial information or any updates. 


    Jury Line 279-4323





Jury Orientation

Jury FAQ

  • Can I get excused from jury duty?

    In some instances you may be excused from jury duty. You must send a written request to the Circuit Court Judge explaining in detail why you think you should be excused.

    If you wish to be excused for a health or medical reason, you should include an excuse from your doctor if possible. If you have a vacation planned during your term of service, please provide the dates you will be gone. You will receive a written response to your request.

  • What do I wear to Court?

    Persons appearing in Circuit Court must wear appropriate clothing. Shorts, tank tops, halter tops, swim wear, or any revealing garments are not allowed. Men must remove hats, caps or hoods upon entering the Courtroom. Food and drink items are not allowed in the Courtroom. Further, NO CELL PHONES ARE ALLOWED IN THE COURTROOM OR ON THE SECOND FLOOR.


County Clerk




31 Division St.
Coldwater, MI 49036
First Floor of the Courthouse


Terry A. Kubasiak
County Clerk

Christine Ransbottom
Chief Deputy Clerk

Kami Gilbert
Deputy Clerk

Amy Maystead
Deputy Clerk

Shelley Mundy
Deputy Clerk

Katlyn Wright
Deputy Clerk

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