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I got a notice that the Friend of the Court intercepted my Federal tax refund. However, when I check my account, it does not show that the money has been applied. Why?

First, please understand that the tax offset notice did not come from the local Friend of the Court office.   Although your notice from the IRS says that the refund has been intercepted and has been sent to the FOC, this process can take months and the money may not appear in your account for several weeks after your notice says the money was sent.  When the money is received, it goes to the central disbursement unit in Lansing and not to the local FOC for reimbursement.  Check  your account periodically to see if your tax refund has, in fact, been received and applied. 

If you have questions about tax intercepts, contact  the tax and accounting manager in the FOC  for assistance.

posted 07-16-2012 [Friend of the Court]