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How do I get the money that was taken from my Federal tax refund applied to my account?

The answer depends on how the tax return was filed and to whom the money is owed. 

If you filed a single return (for your only), then the refund amount will be applied to your support obligation immediately.  However, if money is owed to the State, then tthe State receives the money first.  This priority is mandated by Federal law.

If you filed a joint return (for you and your spouse), then the child support enforcement system is programmed  to hold this money for six months before applying it to your support obligation.  This time period is required by law in order to give your spouse time to file an "injured spouse claim" form if he or she does not want his or her portion of the refund to be applied to your child support obligation.

If you wish to have your current spouse fill out a current spouse release form, please on this linkuserfiles/file/Current%20Spouse%20Release%20Form.doc

posted 07-16-2012 [Friend of the Court]