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How will I receive my support payments if they are to be made through the Michigan State Disbursement Unit (MiSDU)?

All support payments, except  those specifically exempted under law, will be distributed electronically.  This means that payments will be deposited directly into a personal checking or savings bank account or via a US Bank ReliaCard Visa debit card.  You choose the option that best suits you.

The law allows exemptions to electronic disbursements if any of the following conditions exist:

  •   Physical or mental disability barriers;
  •   Language or literacy barriers;
  •   Distance of 30 miles or more between your home or work and your bank or the closest ATM. 

Requests for exceptions are subject to verification.  If you believe that you qualify for an exemption , contact the MiSDU debit card information line at 1-877-464-3324 or click on the link below.

posted 07-16-2012 [Friend of the Court]